Medication synchronization involves a pharmacy staff member looking up a patient’s medications, and then syncing all prescriptions for pickup on a single day each month. We use this proactive approach to contact patients, review their medications, refill their prescriptions, and provide educational resources.

Med-Sync has countless benefits for your overall health

  • Adhere better to your medication treatment plan since you’ll automatically receive refills on time.
  • Have better control over your medication.
  • Have the necessary tools to keep up with your medicine regimen.
  • Have freedom from worrying about running out of your medications.
  • Know prescriptions are ready on the pick-up date selected by you and your Klein’s pharmacist.
  • Have fewer deliveries to the home or trips to the pharmacy – you’ll pick up all your medications at Klein’s on the same day each month.
  • Work closely with the Klein’s Pharmacy team – together, we’ll ensure you stick to your medicine plan and have more time for additional patient care services.

Who are good candidates for Med-Sync?

ANYONE taking medications on a monthly basis will benefit from the Med-Sync program at Klein’s, including:

  • Patients taking multiple, ongoing monthly medications.
  • Patients new to ongoing drug therapy.
  • Patients with known challenges with taking medications on a consistent basis.
  • Patients who rely on the assistance of a caregiver for their pharmacy needs.
  • Patients who find travel to the pharmacy difficult.

What is a “Sync Date?”

The “sync date” is when all refills are aligned for refill.

We work with your doctor’s office to synchronize ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS around your most critical prescription. Your doctor’s nurse might order several “short fills” to ensure all your refills are due on the same date. Then, you’ll visit Klein’s Pharmacy once – on the same date each month – to pick up your medications.

What are “Anchor” Medications?

“Anchor” medications are prescription drugs that have the most specific regulations, like pain medications. Such regulatory requirements influence the sync date because of strict dispensary laws.

If you do not have a medication with strict refill regulations, the “anchor” medication(s) are chosen based on your prescription's next fillable due date.

Let us help you simplify your health and well-being!

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