Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AssureMed Pack?

This is an easier safer packaging option for prescribed medications compared to bottles.

Who is the AssureMed Pack for?

AssureMed Packs are designed for anyone who struggles to take medications out of a bottle. It is perfect for those who: have more than 8 prescription medications, multiple chronic conditions, have home health services, multiple or recent ER visits, hospitalizations or SNF admissions, help is required with activities of daily living or if you have multiple prescribers/pharmacies.

How do I sign up for the AssureMed packs?

1. Complete the online form, 2. Pharmacy will reach out to complete sign-up, 3. Pharmacist completes Medication Review, 4. Medications get delivered.

Do I need to sign up for the AssureMed packs to get prescriptions from Klein's AssureMed Solutions?

Yes, we only provide adherence packaging.

How much does the AssureMed Packs cost?

NOTHING, this is a free service we provide to our community.

What areas do you deliver to?

We offer FREE delivery anywhere in Summit County.

How often can I expect a delivery?

Once fully set-up with the AssureMed Packs you will receive a delivery once every 4 weeks or 28 days.

How much is the delivery cost?

NOTHING, this is a free service we provide to anyone living in Summit County.

What if I live outside of Summit County

We can offer your packaging in the mail.

What can I expect for my deliveries?

The medications will be delivered to your door most of the time between 2pm and 6pm and must be signed for.

What if I miss a delivery?

The medications are brought back to the pharmacy each night and can be picked up or redelivered the next day at the discretion of the pharmacy.

How do I get my prescriptions to Klein's AssureMed Solutions?

Let your Primary Care Provider know that we are the primary pharmacy and let your old pharmacy know that you would like to Transfer out and the Klein's AssureMed Staff will do the rest!